Thursday 27 November 2008

Social Media Campaigns for the Entertainment Sector

My Digital Partner now also offers Social Media Campaigns to artists, musicians, publishers and PR companies who want to embrace the power of social media and let a tribe or fan-base share and promote their latest productions. 
My Digital Partner will build custom-made widgets, with all the functionalities of a mini web site, but that can easily be shared via social media and web2.0 sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, iGoogle, Bebo, etc.
These widgets can be used as stand-alone web sites or they can be integrated to your existing campaigns. 

My Digital Partner can provide you with reporting on how many times your custom-made widget was viewed, how many times it was shared, via which channels, etc.  
Not only is this a very powerful branding tool, but you can even update the content of all shared widgets in one go.  
Can you imagine the potential for artists, publishers, brands?  We can! And we are very excited about this new service offering.

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